Welcome to Land of Oz Dolls

Welcome to Land of Oz Dolls
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Sunday, July 20, 2014

S & H 1159 Costuming Seminar

This past weekend I just finished hosting a costuming seminar with Lorna Yates for the 19" S & H 1159. Our seminar was called "Return to Downton Abbey". I made the finished doll for everyone and Lorna taught the costuming class. I was able to also sit down and sew a costume, something I hadn't been able to do for quite a long time. It was three fun-filled days with great dolly-minded ladies! Here are a couple of photos from the seminar to share with you. 
Lorna Yates with Kit Reynolds and Ellen Bond

Finishing touches added to the costume.

Kit Reynolds with her doll.

Ellen Bond with her doll.

Now that the seminar is over, Lorna and I will be offering finished dolls, doll-making and costuming kitsfor the 19" S & H 1159 to people unable to make it to the seminar. Please check out the following information for complete details on ordering.

Here are some additional photos of the doll, the costume and the traveling trunk and writing desk kits that are being offered.
S & H 1159 Painted by Connie Zink

19" S & H 1159

Back view of costume.

S & H 1159 by Connie Zink

Travel Trunk kits available from Lorna Yates

Writing Desk Kits available from Lorna Yates

Writing Desk Kits available from Lorna Yates

19" S & H 1159 by Connie Zink with her costume and kits by Lorna Yates.

Lorna will be back this fall for a costuming seminar for a 28" Bru 13. I will be offering a finished undressed 28" Bru 13 on the FB21.5S composition body with Hand English paperweight eyes, and mohair wig. The costume will be from Lorna's pattern I won the "Millie" with in 1997 at the Doll Artisan Guild convention. More details and photos will be available soon!! Please check back for further information!! Have a great dolly day!!!
 Dolly Hugs, 
Connie Zink