Welcome to Land of Oz Dolls

Welcome to Land of Oz Dolls
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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Organizing My Classroom, What Started It All

Good evening everyone, tonight I want to share with you some pictures of my classroom. This is where the whole idea of reorganizing started. I had to find a place for all the magazines and books that I had in the cubbyhole in the back of the classroom. As I had told you earlier the shelves had fell down several times creating an avalanche as they fell. Here is some pictures of them in their new home, the base cabinets. They can only fall through the floor now, which I guess could be possible some day as I am on the second floor.

After moving all the magazines to their new home that left me all these empty shelves which gave me a chance to move some of my painting supplies, softfire greenware and misc. supplies out of the way.

The next task that took me all day, was moving all my modern doll samples into the classroom. Most of my modern dolls were already in here but I had some to move in from the doll room. They all needed to be together, plus my new plans for the doll room consist of antique reproductions only. So here is my wall of modern dolls that make up one side of my classroom.

Here are some more views from the classroom.

Some of my Heubachs still grace the cabinets in the classroom but they will have a new home in one of the vignettes in the doll room soon I hope.

Well, that is the end of my tour of the classroom. I was suppose to be having class tomorrow ( I have a weekly class one day a week) but we are suppose to have our first snowstorm of the season so I think I will end up spending the day alone. That gives me some time to tear apart another section here on my quest of having my entire shop organized at the same time!

Since the classroom is done now, I have decided to celebrate! February 18th and 19th I will be hosting "Viva La Valentine!" A Sweet Dolling Retreat Weekend" Details will be posted soon. For those of you close enough to come, weather permitting I will be having a retreat weekend where everyone can come and work on some of their unfinished projects be it painting or sewing. I will be on hand to help with painting questions and my friend Pam Willits will be available for sewing questions. Saturday morning will be a special workshop for "The Googly Mirror"! I will post pictures tomorrow night for the Mirror Project. The rest of Saturday and all day Sunday will be a time to work on some of those projects that you have never gotten around to finishing. More details forthcoming!!

Well, time to get to bed so have a great Thursday and I hope you can all find some time to play with those dolly's! Dolly Hugs, Connie


Anonymous said...

Love the Heubachs!
The whole classroom looks great, too! I need to do the same thing here - but first I need to put away the Christmas decorations that are all over the classroom table!
Love and Dolly Hugs back to you!

jenann said...

OOOH! Connie! I want to ask you all about each and every doll - have you got a couple of spare years to tell me about them? LOL.
I wish I could fly out to meet you and all your dolls.

Carol said...

The classroom looks great. I still have the doll I made with you many years ago. Maybe there will be a new doll for me??? Carol

Linda said...

Connie I just love your doll room, I would never want to leave if I went in there! I love your classroom too, what a wonderful space you have! I bet your students have a lot of fun there!

kiddincat said...

I should be so inspired! LOVELY!

Susie Csik said...

Another amazing room, I just love looking at the pictures!!!