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Welcome to Land of Oz Dolls
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Monday, February 20, 2012

"Viva La Valentine" Sweet Retreat Weekend

Good afternoon, everyone!! I hope everyone's week is off to a great start! This last weekend was my "Viva La Valentine" Sweet Retreat. Upon arrival everyone checked out the "sweet treats" awaiting us.

We started off on Saturday morning with the "Googly Mirror" class. Everyone had a great time choosing and putting together their "Googly Mirror" kits.

We even had one student, Clara from Ohio who attended via the internet by webcam to assemble her Googly mirror.

Around noon, we went to "Sweet Life" Bakery and Cafe here in Savanna for a delicious lunch.

Then in the afternoon we came back and finished our "Googly's".

Pam and Holly


Kit, Jan, Holly, Pam, Becky
Sue and Karen



After having finished the class, that left time for looking around the doll room and trying on a few hats.

We spent Saturday evening working on various projects that everyone had started and were trying to get a little farther along. Some were sewing and some were painting, but we still had a lot of time for laughter, dolly companionship, and take out pizza from Pizza Hut and cheesecake for dessert! All day Sunday we continued to work on various projects everyone had brought along. I did manage to complete my arms and legs for two all-bisque dolls "Rose", I had been trying to get finished for quite awhile. They are now ready to assemble. Also on Sunday, we went back to "Sweet Life" Bakery and Cafe for a great Sunday brunch! And as if we didn't have enough sweets, Shirley the owner sent us home with about two thirds of a 3 layer chocolate - maraschino cherry cake! It was wonderful!
Sue had brought along her little crocheted cape for Bleuette so my Bleuette "Gold" decided she wanted to model it along with her new "Bluebird" dress Sue had made for me so you could see it.

The weekend was great fun! There is nothing quite like sharing a great time with great friends with common interests. I am looking forward to "Viva La Valentine" Sweet Retreat Weekend 2013!

Before I close for today, I wanted to share with you another one of my passions, bird and nature photography. Today, Monday was a holiday from school so my granddaughter Mariah (age 15) and I went up to Lost Mound Unit (old Savanna army depot) to check out the bald eagle population. I have a tour there, this Friday and next Monday to view the bald eagles. I am president of the Stewards of the Upper Mississippi River Refuge which is a "Friends" group for the Upper Mississippi River National Wildlife and Fish Refuge. The pictures of the mature bald eagle below, I took this morning, and the pictures of the immature bald eagle, my granddaughter Mariah, took. Our total for the morning sightings were about 42 bald eagles.

Until next time, I hope you all have days filled with health and happiness!! Dolly Hugs, Connie


Loretta said...

Connie, thanks so much for sharing the wonderful retreat photos. I so enjoyed them. The Googlie mirrors are too cute.
The eagles are amazing. I love your photography!

Melissa said...

Oh, Connie, the eagles are phenomenal! On occasion we spot them while kayaking on Folsom Lake in California. Amazing photos of equally amazing birds. Also love your little Bleuette Gold. Pretty as can be! - Missy Mouse

Connie Zink said...

Thanks Loretta, I am so glad you enjoyed it! The weekend was great fun. I never tire of photographing the bald eagles!

Connie Zink said...

Thanks Melissa, It was a great weekend!! Lots of fun, great food, and dolly companionship. I also never get tired of going to photograph the eagles. Where I am taking a tour group to on Friday and Monday there were approx. 150 there last Friday. Unbelievable sight!!! Connie

Linda said...

What fun, Connie, the mirrors are so cute and I love that cape! Fabulous! Thanks for sharing the photos. The eagles are beautiful, we have one that sits in the tree across from my house every now and then, he is very magestic!
Linda P

jenann said...

Oh Connie! What a great post. I so enjoyed it. Your passions match my own but, sadly, I lack your skills in either doll making or nature photography. Nor can I persuade other members of the household that a doll room is mandatory for my happiness in life, LOL!

betty said...

The mirrors are just too cute. I would love to have a doll with that face.
Love the eagle pictures. They are magnificent creatures.

Isa said...

Lovely place to work! I love your Googly mirror! I would like to have some of this too! :) Where can I find the material please tell me, Thanks! Send you my best wishes!