Welcome to Land of Oz Dolls

Welcome to Land of Oz Dolls
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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Update Monday May 28th

Well, it has been a very long weekend but gratifying one. I have been blessed with such wonderful friends!! Thank you Diana, Pat, and Twyla for your generosity. I have been gifted hundreds of doll molds to help replace what has been lost in the fire. We have moved and inventoried hundreds of molds this weekend with many more hundreds to go. We picked up molds in Milwaukee, Wi. on Sunday and New Boston, Il. and Muscatine, Ia today. My neighbor is still bringing a truckload back from Milwaukee in the morning. We had loaded his truck on Sunday in Milwaukee. My greenware selection is growing every day as we sort and catalog all these molds. I should have a start to a catalog in a week or so. I have now been able to replace quite a few of the great molds I lost in the fire, along with some new ones I never had in the first place. Dennis and I could not have come this far in two short weeks without the help of our family, friends and customers. Thank you to all of you who have helped in some way. We still have a long way to go to get back to where we were before the fire but we sure are a lot farther than we were two weeks ago. The moral support from everyone has been tremendous, I thank you all for that. Tomorrow, a friend will be coming to help me catalog all day and then we pick up more molds again on Thursday. Each day gets a little easier emotionally, but boy is the body aching. There sure are times I wish I collected something that weighed a whole lot less than these thousands and thousands of pounds of doll molds, but then I realise if we hadn't done what we have done for the last 33 years, we wouldn't know all these wonderful people that we know now. Thank you to all who have helped in some way and have a great week!!! Connie


Loretta said...

Dear Connie; What an immense amount of work is involved! ACK!!! I'm so happy to hear you have such wonderful friends. How lovely you are collecting all those replacement molds.
I for one am so glad you began making dolls. I just love my 301 Bleuette; Yvette Marie. She has changed my sewing life, and best of all, I met so many new friends online including you!

Connie Zink said...

Thanks Loretta,It has been a pleasure to know you thru the wonderful Yahoo family groups. I still have a couple intense days of work here and have not been able to check my email for a week now. Could you please let everyone know when you are online that all is going well and I will be posting soon. Thanks Connie